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stretch Advantages

Natural Solutions for Livestock has been bringing you products that are “different” than anyone else has offered and everyone has a version of a “Fill” product. But... this “Fill” product from NSL comes with a challenge that makes it different. The difference is it works the best and the challenge is for you to test it yourself!

Who wouldn’t give a scoop to feed and get the equivalent of three or more scoops of fill?  I would any day of the week and especially on show morning!!!

Stretch is a multi species product designed to increase expansion of the belly. It can be used the day of the show, a few days before the show, or it can be added to a holding ration weeks prior to the show. It can be fed by itself or added to the feed ration. It comes in a pellet and when using one part Stretch to one part water it will expand 3+ times its size. For even more expansion results continue to add water. Stretch also contains added probiotics to help the digestion. 

Stretch will do more than any other fill product out there. Plus with the extra probiotics, Stretch helps with digestion as it keeps the gut working. Take out 2/3 of feed ration per feeding 3 days prior to the show and add 1/3 of Stretch; increase Stretch for the more desirable show day fill that you are looking for. By doing this, you can control their feed intake and you will be able to fill your animal as much or as little as you wish. If you are using a fill product on show morning only then it’s too late ... Prepare for show day!

Stretch is great to increase expansion of belly but also can be used as an economical source of filler in a holding ration. Yes it can cost more than beet pulp up front but you don’t have to use as much because it expands three times more. In most cases when you are trying to expand the belly on one you are also trying to add bloom. Normally we take too much volume away from the feed ration to add enough bulk to do any good, therefore we are not leaving enough ration to keep the bloom or fat coming. As we all know one will only eat so much volume so whatever you feed you need to make it count. Due to the extra expansion of Stretch you can do both, feed smaller amounts (Stretch) that will still expand the belly and still keep the volume of the feed ration up to continue to lay on fat or bloom.

Stretch can be fed to cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.

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ShowRite Stretch
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