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The Story Behind

Natural Solutions for Livestock

Natural Solutions for Livestock is a family owned company that believes in doing their best for its customers and providing them with the best and highest quality products available. We believe that nobody deserves anything less than the best for their animals so we strive to achieve that through manufacturing the highest quality, USA made products in our cGMP and FDA registered facilities.

Natural Solutions consistently provides the tools needed to put your livestock closer to the winners circle. Let's face the facts that in today's showring it sometimes is the simplest and smallest thing that can set you apart from your competition. The Natural Solutions line of products are one of those things. These products have been proven through and through and have been a key component in the showring for over 2 decades. That alone speaks for these products and their predictability and performance so be sure to be using the tools the champions are using. 

Natural Solutions for Livestock is dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience with our products and hope that we can gain your trust as many of the champions have gained. Please click here for more information and our FAQs.

We are proud to offer you a cutting edge premium line of products for your show livestock that are key tools to your success in the showring.    

Thank you for your time, it means a lot to us!


Dave Guyer 
Founder & CEO
Natural Solutions for Livestock

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