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show-a-peel Advantages

Skin and hair may be more important than you think on your show pigs. When it comes to first impressions when hitting the show ring there can't be anything held back. First impressions in the hog ring means getting a pen or getting the gate in many cases. Skin and hair are of the utmost importance when getting that pen. Show-A-Peel is your answer so you to can look like the winners do. Show-A-Peel is an OIL FREE skin and hair conditioner that helps in moisturizing the skin while keeping it from drying out to give you that fresh look that is a necessity in the show ring today. Show-A-Peel helps to clean and rehydrate the skin, giving hair that healthier look.

Show-A-Peel should be used preshow or at the show but not intended for show ring use. Use Show-A-Peel one to two times a week for two to three weeks out from the show then again the night before the show. Apply with hand or brush to entire body of the pig. Rub in till you see a lather appear. Show-A-Peel is not a soap product but when applied properly it will create a lather. Let sit 12 to 24 hours till you see "the peel". Wash or rinse off and you will see that dead skin, dry dirty pores, and unhealthy hair come to life.

*MULTI SPECIES PRODUCT* - You asked for it so here it is!! Show-A-Peel was designed for the pig but now is being used on slick steers, goats, and sheep.

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Show A Peel
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