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Natural Stride is a proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, carefully designed for greater relief from swelling, painful joints, faster recovery times and superior performance in young and old animals alike.

Natural Stride can enhance mobility and flexibility while protecting structural integrity in all classes of livestock. Natural Stride features the proven natural ingredient Cetyl Myristoleate (100% vegetable derived) - a powerful new nutraceutical for superior joint relief and performance-in unique combination with other ALL NATURAL proven joint health ingredients Without question in the show ring today soundness is a necessity and with the advancements in genetics and performance we have stressed the structure of livestock to the limits. As we continue to push the show animal of today to its highest potential we will also see more and more movement problems. Whether it's swelling, flexibility, joint pain or just wear and tear, Natural Stride is your answer. This revolutionary, one-of-a-kind formula has led to dramatic results. In addition, Natural Stride stands alone as being one of the first and ONLY joint supplements on the market without Glucosamine or MSM. The show industry has seen huge improvements in their animals' mobility due to Natural Stride. Natural Stride is used and recommended by veterinarians and industry professionals on young and old animals alike. It's designed for greater joint health on those who are subject to greater joint stress such as those using paylean, optiflex, or other muscle enhancement products.

Natural Stride For Livestock

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