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glucoat cattle Advantages

No more excuses that you can't get your calf to eat or you can't get them fat enough!

Cattle GLU-Coat is a unique product to replace any oil or fat that you might be using. When a calf is behind in weight, not eating good, not fat enough, etc. the first thing a person does or thinks of is to "ADD FAT". For example....."If not fat enough, ADD FAT, it will make them fatter",..... "If not eating enough, ADD FAT or OIL, because they might like the taste", OR..... "Hey we are behind the eight ball and we're not going to make weight, ADD FAT". Studies show that feed intake and feed efficiency go down when a feed reaches 6% fat content. So as a family putting fat or oils into a show feed of today it will normally sail over that 6% mark. In return, you are defeating the purpose of adding fat and may have a negative effect on weight gain, feed intake, and feed efficiency. When too much oil or fat is used, it will coat the rumen and the feed particles in the rumen which will slow down the digestion of the nutrients. Excess fat or oil can also create loose stools.

NOW "Why is GLU-Coat Different?"

GLU-Coat is not a fat product. GLU-Coat is a sugar product. You will never use a fat product again! GLU-Coat is a one of a kind all new product that is formulated with a high unique blend of sugars which can increase appetite and palatability. This unique blend of sugars keep the rumen working longer and faster than just a single source of glucose such as cane molasses. Due to the activity in the rumen there is less waste and with less waste the cattle's stools should be more controllable. It has been shown to dramatically enhance fat cover and change the eating habits of your animal as well as increase feed efficiency and average daily gain. Also GLU-Coat being molasses based and sweet to the taste, cattle love it. For a minimal cost you get the best of two worlds - GLU-Coat and Cell-rate, the active ingredient in Cellarator. GLU-Coat has the Cellarator technology as it contains the active ingredient Cell-rate, which aids in the process of cellular replication, supports the animals immune system, helps animals get through stressful periods and aids in muscle and fat development. With the Cellarator technology your calf will feel better, act better and their eating habits will change. A refined flavored fish oil is also formulated in GLU-Coat because it contains the highest levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids which helps maintain a bright shiny hair coat. GLU-Coat can also increase glucose levels which is stored in the body as fat, giving livestock that bloomier, fuller, softer look that is demanded in the show ring today.

A HUGE majority of the champions today are using this product so don't get left behind, order yours today!

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Glu-Coat Cattle
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