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Hide and Hair is the revolutionary new hair growth product from Natural Solutions for Livestock.

Skin and hair is of the upmost importance in the showring today. Not only has Hide and Hair been shown to grow hair but it encourages skin health which is essential for optimum hair growth. Hide and Hair contains kelp and seaweed which has been shown to lower body temperature. Sheep/Goat will potentially take the higher or hotter temperatures better.It contains no added copper so it is safe for sheep but it does contain Ammonium Chloride to aid in the prevention of Urinary Calculi. This new product comes in pelleted form, is extremely palatable, and best of all it contains no melatonin. Hide and Hair is the first of its kind designed to be administered 60-90 days before show, with optimum results at 90 to 120 days. When hitting that 90 day mark on Hide and Hair they are showing that explosion of hair. * Research Based * Field Tested * No Melatonin * Produces the strongest results in the industry!

Hide & Hair Sheep/Goat

SKU: 799632405900
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