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Extreme Natural Stride for bucking bulls combines the most researched and effective ingredients currently available in any joint supplements. The highest level of pharmaceutical grade ingredients per scoop will insure that you will get the most benefits possible out of any supplement. It's combination of Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO from 100% vegetable source), Glucosamine, MSM, Vitamins, Bioflavonoids, and HA (sodium hyaluronate/hyaluronic acid) Synergistically work together to support healthy cartilage and synovial fluid.

Without question in the show ring today soundness is a necessity and with the advancements i genetics and performance we have stressed the structure of show livestock to the limits. As we continue to push the show animal of today to its highest potential we will also see more and more movement problems especially on those who are subject to greater joint stress with the use of muscle enhancement products. Whether it's swelling, flexibility, joint pain or just wear and tear, Extreme Natural Stride for bucking bulls is the most comprehensive formula For Joint Support

Extreme Natural Stride is manufactured in granular form to ensure maximum potency and the greatest benefits for your livestock. How? Because in its granular form, Extreme Natural Stride is not subjected to the potentially degrading effects of heat and pressure required to create pelleted products.

Extreme Natural Stride is molasses based to help ensure your animal's consumption is no worry.

Extreme Natural Stride

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